Get Involved

FMNP consists of a very small group of dedicated volunteers. If you have thought about volunteering and are not sure how you can help, please consider that there are a variety of ways you can contribute to benefit the park. We have many needs, large and small, which may involve a variety of skills and strengths.

Aside from regular restoration and trail work parties (see below) that require physical stamina and commitment at a specific time, there are other projects that may be done on your own schedule, with little physical exertion and even at your home or office! It's up to you. Here is a list of possible areas where we could use your help:

  • Website maintenance
  • Organization of volunteer and donor database
  • Publicity and Outreach
  • Newsletter writing and production
  • Educational information
  • Fundraising
  • Historical Archiving
  • Grant writing

If one of these areas interest you, please contact us:

Habitat Restoration

Friends of Marquam Nature Park is actively working to restore native habitat by removing invasive species throughout the park and replanting with native plants. As a founding partner and underwriter of the West Willamette Restoration Project, we work to control the aggressive weeds in the forests of the entire West Willamette Corridor, stretching from Tryon Creek State Park north to Forest Park. Significant successes have been made in the park, but we can't reach our goals without the help of volunteers.

Trail Maintenance and New Trail Construction

The Friends continue to assist the Portland Parks Department in maintaining our trails by repairing storm damage and keeping drainage functioning in order to prevent erosion and reduce muddy treads. In addition, new trails are being planned and developed in the South section of the park and will require a significant amount of volunteer effort to build. Stay posted to our website for those developments.

We hold regular work parties on the second Wednesday and last Saturday of each month. Please see our current events for dates when you can help!